Sacred Heart & St Teresa's Church Wilmslow

The Sacraments



Before any arrangements are made for the wedding, an appointment must be made with the Parish Priest, who will explain the civil and liturgical requirements.



Again, before any arrangements are made please contact Fr. Cogliolo in writing to make an appointment.


First Communion 

In the middle of November each year, information will be placed in the church bulletin, asking for parents who feel their children are old enough to receive the Sacrament, to attend an initial meeting with their children.  After that the children will attend regular classes on their own.  The celebration takes place annually.  Depending on numbers, this may take place in conjunction with St. Pius X either in St. Teresa’s or St. Pius.



A notice will be placed in the bulletin asking children if they consider they are ready to take the Sacrament.  They will then meet with Fr. Cogliolo who will prepare them.  The Celebration of the Sacrament is presided by Bishop Mark.  The venue changes each year throughout the LPA.



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